Dear Market Customers, 

With all the new restrictions in our lives, a lot of us have been asking our friends and neighbors if they need anything from the store before we head out for a trip. This is good for public health, but also really helps in feeling less alone. Literally, while I was writing this, my friend called to clarify my order for her trip to Trader Joe’s. It was really nice!

The market would like to help connect our customers, so those of us who are at low risk can shop for others of us who should be staying home right now. There might be kinks to work out, but here’s what we’re imagining. Shoppers can fill out this online form, making themselves available to their neighbors. At-home customers can email the market letting us know they could use a shopping buddy. The market will email the shopper list to the at-home customer, who will choose and contact their shopping buddy. The relationship will then be between the shopper and the at-home customer, who will together figure out best forms of communication, payment, drop-off, etc.

For market shoppers - 

- Here is the online form

- Please only sign up as a shopper if you regularly attend market. 

- While it seems like a given now, we’d ask that if you’re shopping for a neighbor, please wear a mask at all times while handling groceries, and take all other feasible precautions to prevent spread of disease.

- Ask questions of your at-home customer in advance. Preferred vendors, substitutions okay, etc. Try to avoid communicating with your at-home customer while in the midst of market purchases.

For at-home customers - 

- Please email the market at if you’d like us to help partner you with a market shopper. If you don’t mind, briefly let us know why it would be helpful to have a neighbor shop for you. For example, “I’m over 60” or “My daughter is susceptible and I don’t feel comfortable going out.”

- If you don’t already receive it, sign up for our market email, here. Each week we send out a listing of who and what will be at market, from which you could make a shopping list.

- If you are not sure about pricing at market, maybe indicate how much money you’d like to spend. Consider setting a limit, like “please buy these four things, and keep it under $20.”  Or a certain dollar amount of a product, like $5 worth of snap peas, etc.

These kinds of community connections are more important than ever, and we’re lucky enough to live in a relatively small place where it’s easy to form neighborly bonds. I know that both sides of these relationships will benefit, the shoppers and the at-home customers. Thank you!

~ Diane